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Drake's Almhouses

Drake's Almshouses are Grade 2* listed buildings, built in the 1650s with a bequest from William Drake.

They were originally for 'six poor antient well reputed widows' who were over 50 years of age and from the borough and parish of Amersham.  One widow was appointed as Warden, the first being Anne Child.  Each widow was to receive 2 shillings per week on Saturday and once a year, for the first 3 years, a gown of London Brown (and then every 2 years at Christmas a new gown) along with 2 pairs of shoes, stockings and shifts at Easter and Christmas.

The Almshouses were modernised in 1964 with the installation of bathrooms in place of coal cellars and again in 1993 when the number of dwellings was reduced to 4 to improve the living spaces for the residents.  Each property now consists of a single bedroom, lounge, kitchen and shower room with wc on one floor.

The properties all have access to a communal rear garden, and residents can have a small flower bed in the front courtyard if they wish.  Access to the properties is via a stepped gated archway from Amersham High Street.

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