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To be considered for a place in the Almshouses:

  • Applicants for a place in the almhouses must be poor single (or divorced) women/men, widows/widowers who are resident at the time of appointment in the following areas, in this order of priority:

    • the area of benefit (Amersham)

    • the ancient parish of The Lee

    • the surrounding area

  • In addition to observing the above qualification, when appointing residents to Miss Day's Almshouses, the Trustees should give priority to members of the Church of England.

The Application procedure:

  • Download and print the Application Form.

  • Complete all the details as requested on the Application Form.

  • Send the completed Application Form and any supporting documents to the Clerk of the Trustees.

You may wish to read about living at the Almhouses in our Residents' Handbook.

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