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Each of Miss Day's Almshouses originally consisted of a living room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and WC and a small backyard.  In 1964 the back bedroom was converted into a bathroom.  In 2013 a scheme was developed to convert the existing nine independent homes into seven, retaining the historic façade and other important architectural features.  This work was completed in 2017 and, in 2018, was awarded the Almshouse Association Patron's Award by HRH Prince Charles.


The houses each now have greatly improved lounge and kitchen areas, and a downstairs toilet, and the original crooked staircase has been replaced with a straight one leading to the enlarged bedroom and shower room.  External walls have better insulation, utility services have been upgraded and more storage facilities provided.

Miss Day's Almshouses are Grade 2 listed buildings.

There is a communal garden and each resident can have their own individual flower bed to maintain.  A communal passageway to the rear leads to a small outhouse (formerly the outside toilet!) for each resident.  Access to the properties from the High Street is through a private arched alleyway.

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